About Us

We believe in helping people capture their memories in the easiest ways possible.

With the advancement of technology, taking pictures has never been easier. We often taking dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of pictures(in some cases!) on a single trip, and asking others to take a shot for you every time is just not practical!

Selfie Sticks help you take selfies or groupies without having to ask others to take the shot for you. Since its first appearance, selfie sticks have also evolved, each time adding new features and improving the quality.

SelfieMaster is one the most advanced and convenient version of the selfie sticks, with many neat features and functionalities, including the built-in bluetooth remote button.

We believe in making your selfie/groupie experience more fun and convenient, and SelfieMaster does just that!

We are located in downtown Toronto, and currently serving our clients in Eastern Canada and the United States.

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