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SelfieMaster SM-101

Taking selfies just got easier!

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BluetoothSelfie Stick
Built-In Bluetooth

Built-In Bluetooth

Built-in bluetooth remote button allows to take as many pictures as you want without waiting for the timer or having to carry an additional remote.
iOS & Android Compatible

iOS & Android Compatible

Works with both iOS and Android devices. Also compatible with most smartphones with bluetooth functionality.
500+ Pictures / Charge

500+ Pictures / Charge

Take 500+ pictures with a single charge. Charging only takes 1 hour and it's convenient using the included cable or any other microUSB cables.

Securely Fits All Phones

Fits all devices including iPhone 4 and Galaxy Note 4.
Vertical and horizontal brackets expand for perfect fit:
- Vertical: 55 - 85mm (2.17 - 3.35")
- Horizontal: 105 - 130mm (4.13 - 5.12")

Precisely designed L-Clip holds your phone more securely than ever!
You can even take selfies in portrait mode, without worrying about dropping your phone.
*Use the orange extension for smaller phones
Securely Fits All Phones
Built-In Bluetooth Remote

Built-In Bluetooth Remote

No need to use the timer or external remote switch anymore!
Bluetooth remote button is conveniently placed right on the rod - taking selfie is just a thumb-click away!

Anti-Rotation Extendable Rod

7-step rod extends up to 97cm (3’ 2”), and it folds down to 22cm, making it extremely portable!
Precisely crafted groove down the rod prevents it from spinning around, especially when heavier phones are mounted on the L-Clip.
It’s more secure, fun way of taking pictures!
Anti-Rotation Extendable Rod

Customer Testimonials

Sarah L.
"My kids and kids friends love their SelfieMasters, they make movie clips and entertain themselves with them like crazy! It's a great gift that hasn't been pushed to the back of the shelf!"

– Sarah L.

"Easy to use with bluetooth functioning superbly. Undoubtedly the best selfie stick in the market. Highly recommended!"

– HJ